Internet Marketing Tips

Is WordPress the ideal site building tool? 11

Wordpress may be the ideal site building tool. This article explores some of the reasons I think that, and shows you a video of some results I have obtained using Wordpress for my affiliate sites.

Google Analytics – Find out what your visitors are clicking on. 1

Finding out what your visitors are clicking on can give you a valuable insight into how your visitors are seeing your website. Google Analytics provides you with a feature to overlay a “click map” ontop of any of your web pages, and this tutorial will show you how to do this.

Changing File Permissions Using Filezilla

Often when you need to install a script on your server, the instructions require you to change Permissions on a file.  This may sound complicated but really is very simple. Login to your site using the Filezilla “Client”. Right click the file or directory that you want to change permissions […]

Adding RSS Feeds to Your Web Site Using Carp 13

Adding ever-changing content of any kind to your site is a good thing. Reasons include: Pages that change regularly are seen as fresh by the search engines, which brings the search bots back to your site more frequently, and possibly help your site rank better. Visitors will come back if […]

Criteria for an affiliate-friendly associate program 1

When we look at affiliate programs to include in this directory, they must pass stringent criteria. These are designed to protect your affiliate commissions and make sure that you get paid for sales generated from your referral link. These 4 criteria are essential to get listed in this directory: 1. […]

Affiliate Minder – Helping affiliates

Are you tired of losing affiliate commissions because a merchant doesn’t do enough to protect your cookie? How many times have you seen affiliate sales pages that have a prominent link to their affiliate sign-up page? This is a regular occurrence especially amongst Clickbank affiliate programs. Have you ever wondered […]