Site Autopsy

1. A site autopsy – Introducing the web site 5

Why do web sites (affiliate, Adsense or other) get penalized or dropped in rankings on Google?  Is it really just because Google wants to penalize the little guy for trying to make a living from home?  A lot of people would have you believe that.  I don’t believe this, and […]

2. A drop in rankings is not always because of a penalty 5

This article is part of the case study into a the Cayenne website that suffered ranking drops and traffic loss.  However, what I am about to write is not specifically about that site, it is just something I think everyone needs to understand and have clear in their minds when […]

3. Site Autopsy – Check #1 2

When I start looking at a website to find possible reasons for poor rankings, or penalties, I always start on the site itself, and carry out a number of checks.  If the site itself is poor, then there is often little need to look further.