Wordpress Tutorials

CSS Hero Review 5

There are a handful of WordPress themes that I really like and use on most of my websites.  However, there isn’t one theme that looks exactly as I would like it.  This is the reason I usually go in and  change the CSS to alter font colours, alignment and other […]

Moving a Site from WordPress.com to WordPress.Org 1

So you started your free Wordpress.com website, but now need more power and fewer restrictions. Moving your Wordpress.com site to a Wordpress.org hosted site is easy. This tutorial explains the process.

WordPress SEO Course 2

Wordpress SEO has a steep learning curve. From duplicate content issues to static sidebar issues. But it doesn’t have to be difficult.

WordPress Sticky Widgets 2

A simple free plugin that can keep your advertising in the eyes of your visitors for longer – sticky widgets

Yoast SEO–For Good and Bad SEO 12

Yoast SEO is the first plugin I install on a new site. However, I do not use all of the features, and recommend you don’t either. Watch this video to see which features can help you create great on-page SEO, and which features can get you penalized.