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Optimizing a web page for a keyword phrase? 3

Regular readers of my site will know that I have been preaching about theme phrase based content for as long as I can remember.  What’s “theme phrase based content”? It’s simply naturally written content that does not emphasize a single keyword phrase to help it rank for that phrase.

How I write a top quality article 31

A lot of Internet Marketers look at content the wrong way.  All they are interested in is getting their site populated with content, as long as it’s half-decent (some don’t even have that criteria).  The problem is, poor content really cannot hide in Google.  If something is really bad, the […]

Reader Question: Can I show examples of well-themed content?

More people are coming to realize that web content needs to be written around a topic rather than around a word or phrase.  Optimization of a page around a theme phrase is near impossible now that Penguin is on the war path against over-optimization.  The only way you can optimize […]

Creating "Fat" Affiliate Sites Table of Contents 1

  By Dr. Andy Williams CONTENTS 1. Avoid Being a Thin Affiliate 1 1.1. Google Report Analyzed 1 Summary of Google?s Webmaster Guidelines 2 1.1. Spam Techniques 7 1.1.1. Spam technique 1 – Sneaky redirects 7 1.1.2. Spam technique 2 – 100% Frame 7 1.1.3. Spam technique 3 – Hidden […]

How to Optimize a web page

Do you want to learn how to optimize a web page? At ezSEO News we aim to uncover the truth about search engine optimization by providing tips and news in our newsletter. Not only do we review products (and tell the truth about them), but we will give you all […]