SEO 2020 Book – Information & Updates

This page has been set up for readers of my SEO 2020 book.  If there are important changes during the year, I will update you here.  I may also link to new articles that are relevant to you.

If you think something in the book has changed during 2020, please leave a comment below and I will address the issue.

2 thoughts on “SEO 2020 Book – Information & Updates”

  1. Hello Andy,
    Thanks for the book. It’s a great resource and I’m applying your suggestions for myself. I had a question that I cannot find anywhere in the book and not sure if this is the place to ask.
    The question is regarding guest posting. I’m reaching out to sites in my niche that have “write for us” options. Surprisingly, these sites charge for guest posts. Is that normal? is that something worthwhile to go for or should I steer clear of websites that charge for guest posts? I appreciate your advice. Thanks

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