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Feedburner is a great free service (now owned by Google).  It allows people to subscribe to your feeds, and will even email your subscribers for you whenever you post new material to your blog.  It doesn’t matter whether you post 1 or 100 new articles to your site in any given day – Feedburner will just send a single email to your subscribers notifying them of the new content.

For a free service, this is really cool.

Adding a Feedburner subscription box is actually not very difficult.  In what follows, I add one to my own ezSEO News blog.

1. Create a Feedburner account if you don’t already have one.

2. Login to your Feedburner account, and “burn” your feed. You’ll get instructions on doing this on the Feedburner site.  Generally, you can enter the following as your feed URL if you are using WordPress:

Just add “/feed” to the end of your blog homepage.

3. Click the link top left in Feedburner to access “My Feeds”.

4. Your feeds will be listed.  Click on the one you want to add the Feedburner subscribe box to.

5. Click the Publicize tab:


6. On the publicize page, click the link in the left hand menu to “Email Subscriptions”:


7. Select the Feedburner delivery method, and then click on the “Activate” button:


8. Feedburner will give you the code that you need to insert into your template:



You might be able to paste this code into a widget enabled template using the text widget, or add it directly to a sidebar template.  In the screenshot below I have pasted the code into my sidebar template directly since my template is not widget-enabled.


.. and here is my site with the new subscription box:




If you want to be notified every time I post a newsletter to my blog, you can sign up for notifications there.

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