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There are a handful of WordPress themes that I really like and use on most of my websites.  However, there isn’t one theme that looks exactly as I would like it.  This is the reason I usually go in and  change the CSS to alter font colours, alignment and other stuff that needs tweaking.  For anyone that understands how CSS works, it’s not that difficult.  However, wouldn’t it be nice if your WordPress theme allowed you you to customize all those factors controlled by CSS using a point and click interface?  Some do offer this in a limited way, but others don’t.  There is good news though.  I’ve started playing with a WordPress plugin that gives you the power over the CSS running your site, with a purely point, click and drag interface.

I’ve recorded a video tutorial showing how I used the plugin to make changes to my own personal website.

Get more information about CSS Hero here.

That video showed a number of “text” formatting issues that I solved with CSS Hero.  However, there is so much more you can do.  In the following video, I'll show you how to change backgrounds on your WordPress theme.

Get more information about CSS Hero here.

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