Installing WordPress Using Fantastico 4

For those with cPanel hosting, and Fantastico, I have created this video to show you how easy it is to get WordPress up and running on your domain.  Note though, that I highly recommend you learn how to install WordPress manually using FTP because you will need to use FTP to install plugins.

FTP is easy….

OK, installing WordPress by Fantastico video:

As always, leave comments below if you have trouble following this video, or just have questions.

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4 thoughts on “Installing WordPress Using Fantastico

  • Mike Jozefiak

    Hi Andy,
    The only thing against RSS input to your website (and it is only a very minor negative) is that people will be tempted to click on the RSS feed and leave your site.

    Would it be possible to insert an affiliate code from a merchants RSS feed into the RSS reader on one’s site?

    E.G. holiday site is looking for affiliates, you sign up and get your code and insert it into your reader so that when the RSS feeds come in, they contain your affiliate link. Would probably need some jiggery pokery at the reader end, always assuming there are the relevant merchants out there who are willing to send RSS feeds.

    Maybe this could be put to them as a way of increasing exposure of their product, possibly by way of a newsletter. If it can be done, I will contact some merchants and see whast they say.



  • Andy

    Hi Mike
    Yes it is a negative. The nice thing about CaRP is that you can use affiliate feeds, e.g. Amazon (and others).

  • Denise

    Hi Andy,
    If we are building our affiliate site (following the upcoming instructions) do we install wordpress in the root directory or in a folder /blog)?

  • Andy

    The way I am going to build an affiliate site in these tutorials, I recommend you install into the root folder.