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In a recent update of the fabulous Yoast SEO plugin, something strange happened.  The main features of the plugin were set to be disabled by default when installed.

I am not sure why this was done, but it does make that Go Premium link look a little more prominent, doesn’t it?

For anyone that knows the Yoast SEO plugin, you will be used to this menu:


However, on new installations of the plugin, this is what you will see:


Yikes!  Where have all those menu items gone?

Well, as I mentioned above, the main features have been disabled by default.  Don’t panic though, it is easy enough to turn them back on.   Click on the SEO Dashboard menu to go here:


Click the Features tab.  Enable the top option (Advanced Settings Pages):


And click the Save Changes button.

All of the options will then become available:


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One thought on “Missing Yoast SEO Settings

  • Alex Newell N.D.

    Amazing! I just followed your link from Udemy and this answered the question I nearly asked! Thanks and OMG every version of Yoast’s plugin make me want to whack him !

    Thanks Andy