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Like just about everyone that runs a WordPress site, I’ve had my fair share of spammers and bots, auto-submitting comments and taking up my time with moderating piles of trash.  If you are anything like me, you will also have tried a lot of plugins, and probably found that most are very little help against the determined spammer.  Well last week, I finally found one that does what it promises – blocks 99% of spam comments.

The plugin is called Stop Spammers and I installed it on this site one week ago.  In my Dashboard, I can see this:


In that time, the plugin has prevented 1451 spammers from registering or leaving comments on my site.  That’s huge.  My only real concern is whether or not it is blocking legitimate comments, and that remains to be seen.  There are settings in the plugin that allow you to alter the “sensitivity” of the spam filter, so it should be possible to tweak, if there is a problem.

When you install the plugin, there are actually two plugins installed.


One is the registrations plugin that allows you to set up the spam filters, and the other is a widget you can display in your sidebar, displaying details of the spammers you have stopped.  For security reasons, I won’t be using the widget.  I don’t want to tell the spammers what tools I am using to stop them.

Once installed, head on over to the Registrations plugin settings:


I am going to recommend you leave all of the settings at their default, and just add in a couple of details.

Scroll down to the API Keys section.


At a bare minimum, you want to enter in an API key for Project Honeypot.  That means going over to the Project Honeypot site and signing up for a free account.

Once you are signed up, login and look at the top left.  You should see the Your Stats section.  At the very top of that is your http:BL API key.  You may need to click a link to request it.  When you have that, head back to your plugin settings and enter this value into the box next to Project Honeypot API key.

The other key you might like to use is the WordPress API key.  This is the same key you use for Akismet (if you ever got a key for that service).  The Stop Spammers plugin can check against the Akismet database for you, without the Akismet plugin installed.

With those settings entered, scroll to the bottom and click the Savde Changes button.

You can now sit back and hopefully get a lot less spam.  When someone comes to leave a comment on your site (or try to login/create an account, like a lot of “SEO Bots”), Stop Spammers will check their details against the Honeypot database, and the Akismet database and block them if they are known spammers.

I am not going to go into any of the other settings for this plugin, because playing around with them could leave you locked out of your own site.  For more details on this plugin, check out the authors homepage.

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