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Adding a Forum to WordPress Course

Adding a forum to WordPress is an excellent way to get site visitors and or members to interact. This course is for site owners who want to encourage conversations. It appeals to webmasters who wish to build a vibrant private or public community. My straightforward tutorials show the various forum options and walk students through the entire installation process.

Adding a Forum to WP Course Requirements

New students only need 2 requirements to continue with this course:

  1. A functional WordPress website
  2. Basic experience working in the WordPress Dashboard

Setting up and growing an interactive forum is a lot of fun with the right approach. This course offers three ways to help you get started. Are you ready to invite people into your online world?

About My Course

So-called experts thought web forums would die out as technology and new ways to interact evolved. They were wrong about that. The forum was—and continues to be—a simple yet popular way for site visitors and members to communicate. I developed this WordPress forum course due to the increased demand. Now all novice site owners can install and enjoy this dynamic medium.

Adding a WordPress Forum, Course Format

Adding a forum to a WordPress website or blog is one of the more fun aspects of site creation. The format of this course makes the whole process exciting and fast. The 6 sections have 37 short lectures between them that walk you through the process from start to finish. I also present you with three forum options, so you’re not restricted by a single choice.

Check out the preview videos to see if this course is right for you and your project(s).

What this Add a Forum to WordPress class teaches

Students of this course learn how to choose the right forum plugins for their website. It teaches how to install and set up the software so that it meets personal wants and security needs. Every member who completes this course feels confident to run their new, interactive chat platform.

Below is a summary of the modules covered to install a feature-rich WP forum:

WordPress forum, theoretical knowledge:

  • Course overview and introduction to the instructor
  • How forums work and add to a site’s dynamics
  • About forum Groups and Permissions
  • Why choose the Simple:Press free forum plugin?
  • Why choose the Asgaros WordPress forum plugin?
  • Why choose the comprehensive wpForo forum plugin?
  • Introduce your new form to the course’s Q&A section
  • What’s next?
  • Links to the bonus resources used in the course

WordPress Forum, practical knowledge:

  • How to decide on forum groups and permissions
  • How to design your forum using a demo
  • How to allow visitors to register on the new forum
  • How to install and set up a forum using the Simple:Press plugin
  • How to assign forum moderators with Simple:Press
  • How to control the Simple:Press settings
  • How to install and set up a forum using the wpForo plugin
  • How to moderate guest posts using wpForo
  • How to control the wpForo settings
  • How to install and set up a forum using the Asgaros plugin
  • How to assign forum moderators with Asgaros
  • How to control the Asgaros settings
  • Much more besides

Your new interactive chat platform can become whatever you need it for. Some examples could be support forums, general discussions, or for questions & answers.

Create a Buzz, Let the Discussions Begin

This course should answer all your questions about forum types, themes, and benefits. There are other forum plugins, like bbPress and Discussion Board. But the ones used here are the best 100% free options at this time. They give your WordPress website the potential to become a support hub and vibrant meeting place to discuss hot topics.

What Students Say About this Course

This WP forum course currently has 16+ ratings and 230+ students (and growing). Below are several of the reviews left by course participants.

 Edwin Hommes says: Clear, in depth where needed, quick where possible. Loved it.

 Bill Barker says: Good match to current learning level. Clear info easily digested.

 Heather Gemmen says: I run a non-profit genealogy/local history website and need an easy forum plug-in, as I'm currently the only person handling website work. I bought this course thinking only about using simple:press, but now I want to try out the other plug-ins (Asgaros and wpForo) on my offline practice website. The instruction in this course will allow me to test the three forum plug-ins and see which one is the best fit. Thank you!

 Kenneth Presley says: Content is clear and easy to follow.

Lifetime Access to Adding a Forum Class

New students get immediate access to this course, its materials, and a lifetime membership. There’s a useful resource to download along with 3 informative articles. The 2.5 hours of video lectures are viewable on home-based computers, TVs, and most mobile devices. They include tablets, phablets, and smartphones. All learners get an accomplishment certificate at the end.

Want to Learn WordPress?

WordPress is an amazing platform for building any type of website.   It’s used by large corporations and small mom & pop sites.

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