Build Affiliate Marketing Websites Course

Affiliate marketing is already big business and a smart way to earn money online. You don’t need to own or buy anything. Successful marketers promote other people’s goods or services for commissions. This course is a series of practical tutorials on how to build high-quality affiliate websites from scratch. It’s an ideal program for anyone who wants to earn a passive income.

All it takes to get started is that first step followed by proper knowledge.

Point to note: Affiliate marketing has huge potential, but it’s not a get rich quick scheme.

Affiliate Marketing Course Requirements

There are only 3 requirements needed to do well on this affiliate marketing course:

  1. Computer w/ internet connection
  2. Experience with WordPress an advantage though not essential
  3. The desire to develop and grow an affiliate website

If you want what this course offers and are willing to commit, then you’re good to go.

About My High-Quality Affiliate Websites Course

Students who enrol on this course learn how to create high-quality affiliate websites. It uses various methods to illustrate ways to present products to site visitors. This virtual class helps you to understand how affiliate marketing works and how best to exploit it. Your new confidence will equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to earn a passive income.

Affiliate Marketing Course format

Knowledge is the secret behind successful affiliate marketing, but there’s quite a bit to learn. The logical format of this course avoids confusion and information overload. The 59 easy-to-grasp lectures are spread over 8 sections. Students can decide the pace that works best for them.

Check out the 3 example video previews to get a feel for the course.

What my affiliate marketing class teaches

Students of this virtual class learn how to build an affiliate marketing website with confidence. It shows how to use a range of useful tools and methods to present affiliate products to visitors. Those who complete this course gain working knowledge on how to generate a passive income.

Affiliate Marketing Theoretical knowledge:

  • Introduction to the concept of affiliate marketing and earning passive incomes
  • Popular monetisation methods and how to choose the right products
  • A guide to choosing a niche, based on product research and potential traffic
  • Recommended resources

Affiliate Marketing Practical knowledge:

  • How to choose a unique domain name and domain extension for your site
  • How to install WordPress.ORG
  • How to install a new WordPress theme
  • How to install essential plugins to your new WP website
  • How to make websites more appealing to visitors (front-end)
  • How to manage and maintain your website (back-end)
  • How to make your site legal
  • How to set up a Gmail account and create a Gravatar
  • How to promote affiliate products the right way
  • How to exploit the power of RSS
  • How to set up a keyword-rich blog content section for your site
  • How to exploit social media to capture an audience
  • Much more besides

What Affiliate Marketing Students Say

This best-selling course by Andrew Williams has over 1,540 ratings and 8,930+ students. Many of them like to have their say, so here are a few reviews taken at Random.

 Aden Pedro-Doree says: Very thorough course. it has given me the confidence and resources to begin my first website. Andy leads us through step by step and is incredibly clear and informative through each and every step. very much enjoyed this course!

 Ellen Doherty says: This is an excellent course, very well presented and easy to follow even for an absolute beginner like me. I keep the course on my desktop and constantly refer to it. I now have a website which I can continue to work on and keep learning.

 Rolf Backström says: This is an excellent course and covers a lot. The presentation is very clear and easy to follow even though I am not a native English speaker. I especially enjoyed the section on how to keep a site updated using Goggle alerts and Feedly. I recommend this course – you will learn a lot.

 Kevin Teo says: What I really liked about this course is that Andy teaches you how linking everything up in your wordpress site should really be like, so that Google will like you an rank you. The method taught is systematic, clean, neat and tidy.Although I consider myself not a beginner, I still learnt a lot in this course. Having paid thousands before for an affiliate marketing course, and then suffering from information overload (jammed pack course over 2 short days, though taught live), this course proved to be much more valuable in terms of the pace it was taught at. So much easier to absorb and benefit from.I would recommend this to ANYONE who wants to learn affiliate marketing. ANYONE! Cos don't be fooled by its low cost. Be amazed at what you can potentially learn.

James Hearn says: Fantastic material and simple instruction. I am finding it easy to follow and I am putting each lesson into practice as I complete it. Thanks Andy, I look forward to getting my first affiliate site up and running.

Lifetime Access Building Affiliate Websites

How to Build High-Quality Affiliate Websites has around 7 hours of on-demand video tutorials. You can access these anywhere from computers, TVs, and most mobile devices. The course also comes with 6 valuable articles on the topic and 2 other downloadable resources. Moreover, there’s a Certificate of Completion at the end of the program and lifetime access.

Want to Learn WordPress?

WordPress is an amazing platform for building any type of website.   It’s used by large corporations and small mom & pop sites.

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