Convert HTML Site to WordPress Course

Changes to Google’s algorithm now lay more focus on mobile-responsive websites. My HTML Site to WordPress Conversion tutorials can help. This course is for webmasters who run old mobile-unfriendly HTML sites. It shows how to get dated sites displaying correctly across all viewing devices. To do this, we convert them to the WordPress Content Management System (CMS).

HTML to WordPress Course Requirements

There are only two must-have requirements necessary to accomplish this course:

  1. A computer w/ internet connection
  2. An HTML website to convert

Some knowledge of how to transfer files using FTP is an advantage but not vital. You don’t need to know PHP, CSS style sheets, read code, or have coding skills for converting a dated site.

About My ‘Convert HTML to WordPress’ Course

This course is invaluable for website owners who need their site to be responsive but don’t know how. Responsive means pages that adjust automatically to whatever screen size the viewer uses. Mobile-friendly websites and stores don’t just become impossibly small, either. Responsive parent and child themes rearrange the entire layout to make viewing easy on the eyes.

Converting HTML to WordPress, Course Format

The procedure to convert a static HTML website to a responsive one has many steps. None of it is difficult, but everything must be done the right way and in the proper order. The organised format of this course makes it an easy program to follow even for the novice user. I have broken the course down into 5 sections and 22 easy-to-follow video lectures.

You can preview the course outline and format by watching the 4 sample videos.

What HTML to WordPress teaches

Course students learn the importance of mobile-friendly websites in 2020 and beyond. The class teaches how to clean the old site, so the newly converted one works flawlessly. It’s a process that helps to preserve current search engine rankings and improve future ones. The tutorials also teach a simple strategy to ensure there’s zero downtime during the entire conversion process.

The lists below show some of the modules taught on this web course:

HTML to WordPress, main theoretical lectures:

  • Introduction to the Udemy interface
  • Why move static websites over to WordPress?
  • Overview of the conversion process
  • Create a spreadsheet
  • What to do about images & hard-coded links?
  • When to use a page over a post
  • Links to free resources needed for this course

HTML to WordPress, Practical knowledge:

  • How to build a sitemap for your HTML using a free tool
  • How to use the sitemap to include/exclude URLs
  • How to check vital information in the .htaccess file
  • How to install WordPress while hiding it from Google until it’s built
  • How to set up categories for the converted site
  • How to upload and install a new theme (template) into a WordPress theme folder
  • How to install plugins before the import
  • How to move the content to relevant page by page
  • How to set up redirects in the htaccess file
  • How to make the switchover from the old existing site to the new
  • How to run a free tool to check the site for broken links

Don’t worry; you don’t need HTML code knowledge. I teach, and you copy, it’s as simple as that. Your converted site will display clearly in mobile browsers by the end of this course.

What Site Conversion Students Say

This niche course has over 50 ratings and more than 500 students (and growing). Members often like to leave written feedback, so here’s a look at what some of them have to say.

 Valerie Goettsch says: This course was invaluable to me. I had long been nervous about trying to convert a site to WP, but with Andy’s clear, step-by-step instructions and excellent tips, it turned out to be quite straightforward. Now that I’ve successfully converted a small site I’m ready to tackle a larger one. Thanks!

 Sophie Lafortune says: This is my second course with Andy and I’m more than pleased. I discovered and learned a lot. His course is easy to follow, very well explained, well demonstrated and step by step he helps us to archive some difficult tasks that I wouldn’t think I could do it. It is true that Andy is available if you have any question about the course and he answers rapidly. If you struggle with something, he is there to find a solution with you. I am strongly recommend this course.

 Wendy Bett says: Going step by step through this course, I have completed the conversion of my smallest HTML site to WordPress. The course was extremely helpful and well put together! I am now feeling confident enough to tackle my older, larger sites. I shudder to think of the mess I would have made if I attempted it without Andrew’s step by step guidance. Very pleased with this course.

 Mimi Dillman says: Excellent course! I am more confident now that I can convert my very old but often referenced html site to a new wp site, making sure to catch what is still relevant but also clean up some of the old content. I like the methodical approach that emphasizes completeness as well as the tips for checking for errors (broken links).

 Jude Azaren says: Excellent instruction – visual and verbal. If this will be your first WordPress site, I highly recommend doing one or more of Dr. Williams’ other WP courses. I built my first WP site that way and am very happy with it. I will be now be changing an old HTML site to WP. Having already built a WP site is making this course easier for me to follow and understand.

HTML to WordPress, Lifetime Access

New members get instant access to the 2.5 hours of video tutorials and downloadable article.  It’s a fully-mobile program. That means you can open it anywhere on any internet-connected device, or study on a home computer if you prefer. The latter is necessary when it comes to the site conversion, of course. All students get a certificate at completion and lifetime membership.

Want to Learn WordPress?

WordPress is an amazing platform for building any type of website.   It’s used by large corporations and small mom & pop sites.

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