CSS Course for Beginners

There are many Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) tutorials for beginner’s, but this one is different. It turns the raw novice into a competent basic CSS coder using an enjoyable walk-through approach. Learning this vital style sheet language is a huge benefit for site builders. It’s fast, effective, and used to make changes to individual pages or a site’s entire content and layout.

This class is for webmasters who want to take more control over their site’s design and layout.  It’s aimed at individuals who want to learn CSS, but are worried about the technical aspect. 

CSS Beginner Course Requirements

The 3 CSS beginner course requirements are minimal.

  • A computer w/ internet connection and web browser
  • A little HTML knowledge is useful though not essential
  • A willingness to learn (no developer skills needed)

Students who complete this simple course go on to relish—not run from—CSS tweaks.

About My Simple CSS Course

It’s a course designed to boost the confidence of CSS beginners. The class helps site owners take control over aspects of their website design and layout with renewed confidence. The teaching approach walks students through each module at a comfortable pace. It introduces learners to the best free tools available to edit CSS code easily.

CSS course format

Contrary to popular belief, CSS is much easier than many think, and it’s fun to exploit. That’s because you can see massive changes right away with the smallest of code tweaks. The simple format of this CSS course is testimony to the above statements. There are 10 sections—each with bite-sized sub-sections—and 28 easy-to-follow video lectures.  

Check out the 3 CSS Beginner’s Online Course preview vids.

What this CSS class teaches

Students of this beginner’s course get to write and edit CSS with confidence. The included tools make working with code much more straightforward. Best of all, site owners learn how to inspect and perform experimental tweaks on any website, even those they don’t own.

CSS fundamentals: Theoretical knowledge

  • An overview of CSS documents (style sheets) properties and code
  • Learn the difference between classes and IDs
  • Understand the measurement units used in CSS
  • An introduction to the Box Model
  • A close look at the construction of valid CSS code
  • Explanation of the ‘Cascading’ part of Cascading Style Sheets
  • Visual examples of CSS development
  • Links to course resources

CSS fundamentals: Practical knowledge

  • How to control an entire website design using CSS
  • How to insert CSS into web pages using three methods
  • How to work with fonts and font families
  • How to use classes and IDs
  • How to use free tools to best effect
  • How to specify background colours and image
  • How to format HTML page elements, including text, links, and lists
  • How to use the float property to create float boxes
  • Much more besides

What CSS Students Say

CSS course students have given this virtual class close to a 5-star rating. There are currently 1,870+ learners (and growing). Here’s a glimpse of what some of them are saying.

 Maria Amaya says: Great teacher. Easy to understand. Highly recommended.

 Ton Tognolli says: It is really great for beginners. I have no experience and i find it easy to follow and the purpose i need it for works great (CSS within one of the platforms i use). The instructor explains it in great detail. I can recommend this course.

 Darren Boulter says: Nice and simple course so far. Learning the basics nice and easily. Only around 2-3 hours of content too so it's easy to watch the course 2 or 3 times over in a short period.

 Steve A Madigan says: Another great course by Dr. Andy. Job well done sir. I needed a refresher and this was just perfect. Thanks again and keep up the great work.

 Glenn Sitter says: Great instructor! Andy comes from professional teaching background and delivers in a very easy to understand style! Also provides interesting tools (free) to work with.

Lifetime Access to Course and Resources

CSS Basics Course comes with 2.5 hours of on-demand video. You can access these tutorials from internet-connected mobile devices or home-based computers and TVs. There are 6 downloadable resources, which include 2 helpful articles. All students get a Certificate of completion and lifetime membership.

Want to Learn WordPress?

WordPress is an amazing platform for building any type of website.   It’s used by large corporations and small mom & pop sites.

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