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How to Move A WordPress Site Course

Moving a WordPress website doesn’t have to be a job only for the paid professionals. It’s not complicated, but it does involve specific steps. This tutorial is for any WordPress site owner who wants or needs to move their project to a new domain, web host, or both. The course also teaches many aspects of the WordPress platform for those keen to learn more.

Moving a WordPress Site Course Requirements

There’s only one requirement needed for this course:

  • A live WordPress website

You don’t need prior knowledge or skills to follow this step-by-step class. All you do is look over my virtual shoulder and copy what I do.

About My Updated ‘Move WordPress’ Course

My course walks the learner through the process of moving a WordPress website. It makes easy work of a job that many would otherwise consider too confusing. Course students also learn what checks to perform to confirm the successful transfer of a project. Moreover, some go on to make money, offering their services to those with no knowledge.

Moving a WP Site Course Format

The format of this class is one that’s organised into 6 distinct sections. Under each heading are several sub-sections that make the process more enjoyable and easier to manage. There are 29 lectures that students can easily follow, even with no prior knowledge. It’s a satisfying, box-ticking procedure that rewards students with visible results.

You can preview this course by watching the 5 free sample videos.

Why Choose this Course?

Students who complete ‘moving a WP website’ course learn two things. One is how to transfer a website or blog to a new domain registrar, hosting provider, or both. The other benefit is to gain a much better understanding of WordPress and site management. Moreover, members of this class become comfortable working in domain and web server environments.

There are two methods of site migration covered here, i.e., manually and automatic. I’ve kept the course modules separate to support each approach.

Moving a WordPress site, theoretical lectures:

  • Overview of the course material and what you will learn
  • An introduction to the Udemy course interface
  • Reasons to move a WordPress website
  • A summary of the steps used to move a site successfully
  • Introduction to the domain (website name) move
  • Which plugins are best for an automated site move and why?
  • Useful course resources

Moving a WordPress site, practical knowledge:

  • How to use this course
  • How to backup plugins, themes, and critical files, etc.
  • How to plan for a manual site move
  • How to use Google’s Change of Address tool
  • How to install WordPress on the new hosting account
  • How to move a WordPress site the new host
  • How to import the original database (no need to create a new MySQL database)
  • How to register the domain name at your new host
  • How to edit the new wp-config.php file
  • How to cut off the old site and set up redirects
  • How to view and test the newly located website
  • How to move a WP site automatically using the Duplicator plugin
  • How to move a WP site automatically using the Migrate Guru plugin
  • Much more besides

The above lists outline the main highlights, though there’s much more involved. The course presents everything in straightforward steps that are foolproof when followed in order.

What Course Students Say

This money-saving course has about 70 ratings and more than 900 students (and growing). The reviews below are feedback taken at random from some of the members.

 Mariah Haylen says: Clear guidance from Andrew as always, which enabled me to successfully migrate a website. This course is invaluable for anyone seeking to migrate a site to new hosting with an existing domain as in my case. There is also a section on moving a site to a new domain and hosting package. Very good indeed.

 Inno says: I have been a fan of Andy Williams teaching method for several years – simple, direct explanations with clear examples that anyone can follow. I am very pleased to see that he has maintained his quality in this course. I followed the steps in the course, and have successfully migrated one site from Hostgator to Bluehost without a problem. Now I can confidently migrate my remaining 5 sites. Keep up the good work Andy!

 Rebecca Havard says: I have been paying someone to move my sites for many years. I was always uncomfortable with the database, and not knowing how to be sure the site I was seeing was the new site on the new host. I can now save time (waiting for someone else to do the work) and money.I highly recommend this course. Follow the steps and you will be a WordPress moving machine at the end.

 Kim Campbell says: Excellent. Well worth the price to be walked step-by-step. Clear and organized. Gives me confidence.

 Rob Weiser says: This is an excellent course, I highly recommend it. Everything that Dr. Andrew Williams produces is of top notch quality; you can’t go wrong taking any of his courses. The course material is very well presented and if there is anything that you don’t understand, just ask and Dr. Williams always replies promptly.

Lifetime Access Moving a WordPress Site

All new students get immediate lifetime access to the course and its resources. There’s 1.5 hours of in-depth on-demand video tutorials, 3 articles for download, and a bonus resource. All lectures are viewable cross-device, which includes computers, mobiles, and TVs. And each member receives a Certificate of accomplishment upon successful completion.

Want to Learn WordPress?

WordPress is an amazing platform for building any type of website.   It’s used by large corporations and small mom & pop sites.

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