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HTTP to HTTPS with a Free SSL Certificate Course

Websites without adequate security fail to rank well in the search engines. My Secure Website, SSL Certificate course shows you how to avoid this trap. These easy-to-follow tutorials are for anyone whose site(s) still displays HTTP in the URL (web address). It teaches the importance of SSL certificates, how to move over to the secure HTTPS protocol, and rank better.

Secure SSL Course Requirements

There are 3 essential requirements needed to follow this course:

  1. A computer w/ internet connection
  2. A live WordPress website
  3. A hosting account with access to cPanel

About My ‘Secure Website with SSL’ Course

SSL security is vital nowadays, and no website or visitor should be without protection. This course exists to bring site owners up to speed on the importance of SSL and how it works. It explains how to choose and implement SSL certificates and overcome potential problems. Moreover, students learn how to verify the security on their sites and fix any issues.

Your site’s ‘Not Secure’ warning will no longer show in the Google Chrome browser and others by the end of class. That will result in extra web traffic and better search engine rankings over time.

SSL Site Security Course Format

Most website owners don’t offer SSL site security because of ignorance. The easy-to-follow format of my SSL site security course can end that. It’s an enjoyable class, broken down into 5 sections and 37 bite-sized lectures.

Check out the four sample video previews for a sneak peek.

What this SSL security class teaches

Around 2/3 of websites still don’t have SSL certificates or HTTPS. You don’t need to be part of that statistic. As a member of this program, you watch over my shoulder as I guide you through the entire process. Here’s a breakdown of the course’s theoretical and practical modules.

Secure SSL certificates, theoretical lectures:

  • Course introduction
  • How secure (trusted) is a web page anyway?
  • Why switch to SSL
  • How HTTPS works
  • Overview of cPanel & AutoSSL
  • The right type of web host needed
  • Why install Cloudflare?
  • How Cloudflare works to protect your site
  • Bonus lecture and links to resources

Secure SSL certificates, practical knowledge:

  • How to check if HTTPS is enabled for your site
  • How to back up your site before starting
  • How to create and set up a Cloudflare account
  • How to set up a totally free SSL certificate using Cloudflare
  • How to exclude a domain from AutoSSL
  • How to install the origin SSL certificate on a web server
  • How to force the secure HTTPS connection for WP Dashboard
  • How to remove old insecure HTTP pages from a website
  • How to find and fix mixed content
  • How to check for hard-coded links
  • How to add the HTTPS version of your site to Google’s Search Console
  • How to upgrade to a new, different type of SSL certificate
  • Much more

This SSL certificate course covers a lot, though all the procedures are easy to grasp. What doesn’t make sense now should make perfect sense by the end of class.

What SSL Secure Certificate Students Say

This is a popular course for good reasons. It has 350+ user ratings and 3,270+ students (and growing). Below is some random feedback, taken from the Udemy course reviews section.

 Tom Mercik says: Just what I needed – clear. concise, well-paced delivery. And most importantly – totally engaging!

 Nicholas Genovese Jr says: I work on computers on a daily base and even have a website and a channel on YouTube. I agree it is important to have extra security when working online and through websites and browsers. For a website, you want visitors and viewers to feel safe when viewing it and content from the abuse of hackers.

 Alison F says: I really enjoyed this course, each step was clearly covered in great detail and for most of it I was able to follow along with confidence. I did get stuck at one or two parts but Andy was quick to offer assistance and I was soon back on track. I would certainly recommend this course to anyone whatever level of experience they have of building websites.

 Crystal Whiting says: I have taken almost every course Andy offers and I have to say they are all excellent. He gives accurate and concise information. What I really appreciate about him as an instructor is his willingness to help if you have an issue and also his ability to pace the course in such a way that you do not get bored or overwhelmed.

 Joanne Reid says: Andy made the whole SSL experience much less daunting than I expected it to be. I really like how each aspect was described in complete detail along with a full explanation of why it should be done.

Lifetime Access to SSL Certificate Course

Each student receives a course completion certificate, but it doesn’t end there. All members are guaranteed lifetime access to this SSL certificate program. That includes the downloads and updated modules as they occur. There are currently 2.5 hours of on-demand video tutorials, 5 articles, and 6 downloadable resources.

Want to Learn WordPress?

WordPress is an amazing platform for building any type of website.   It’s used by large corporations and small mom & pop sites.

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