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There are different ways of installing WordPress software, but this approach is special. My How to Install WordPress Locally Course lets you open a website with no financial commitments. It’s the perfect course for website builders, designers, developers and webmasters. Why? Because it allows you to learn, test, and practice with WordPress without web hosting costs.

Install WordPress Locally Course Requirements

There’s only a single requirement needed to complete this course.

  • A working computer

Point to note: All the software tools suggested for this class are 100% free.

About My ‘Local WordPress Install’ Course

Students on this course get to learn how to use WordPress in a way that most people don’t. I start by showing you how to install the WordPress software on a local computer. It’s a failsafe method that lets site builders and developers install and test WP themes and plugins. And for larger file uploads, this all-inclusive course teaches how to edit the php.ini files.

WordPress Local Install Course Format

This class is invaluable. It’s also super easy-to-follow and has short, bite-sized lessons. There are 31 lectures divided into 6 sections. The approach is systematic and straightforward, catering to students of all levels. Click any of the 5 free videos for an outline of the program.

What this class teaches

This class introduces all the tools needed for site development, and they’re all 100% free. Members learn how to download and successfully install a local server environment. Everyone who completes this course becomes an expert at working in a local setup.

Local WordPress install, theoretical knowledge:

  • An introduction to the class and course instructor
  • Overview of the local WordPress installation
  • Summary of the tools used
  • Which plugins to avoid using and why
  • What you should know about Security Keys
  • Bonus resources

Local WordPress install, practical knowledge:

  • How to download and install WordPress locally
  • How to install multiple WordPress sites (multisite) locally
  • How to download & install XAMPP for Windows
  • How to download & install XAMPP on Mac
  • How to deal with XAMPP port conflicts and change the one used by Apache
  • How to create a MySQL database within the local environment
  • How to open and check the new WordPress installation
  • How to install WordPress themes and plugins
  • How to check and update outdated software to the latest versions
  • How to export the local WordPress database
  • How to import the local dB files to the online database
  • How to upload local WP files to the web server
  • How to upload the wp-config.php file
  • How to make a local copy of a live, online website

There’s much more, but the lists above illustrate some of the course fundamentals.

What Local WordPress Install Students Say

This local WordPress install course has 300+ ratings and over 1,800 students (and growing). Here’s a handful of random written comments from some of the participants.

 Michael Leonard Hempstead says: Enjoyed taking this course. Covered all the subject well and now I have a local server and WP installation on my Apple Mac. Will save me the cost of Hosting whilst learning the ins and outs of WordPress. So does what it says on the tin! Many thanks Andy for producing this course. I couldn't find the likes of anywhere else.

 Name Michael Wheaton: This course was great! It was exactly what I was looking for. I plan on building around 50-ish different niche sites that all fall under the umbrella of the main site with the niche sites on subdomains. Different content on each. but the branding is the same on all. Doing this locally allows me to get each site set up the way I like before going live. Thanks much, Andrew.

 Rolf Backström says: This is an excellent course indeed! The presentation is very logical and the audio quality is very good. Andy speaks very clearly and fairly slowly making it easy to follow (there are many machine gun talkers at Udemy making it difficult). The installation of XAMPP worked flawlessly for me. I was also pleased to learn that XAMPP is available for Linux as I am a fan of Linux. I highly recommend this course to anyone e g when learning WP.

 Tom McNeilly says: Well-presented and explained material that, at times, was fast-paced. I would certainly recommend this course for anyone starting out with WordPress and I plan to take other courses by this presenter!

 KJ Sewell says: I have gone over and over his instructions, done everything at least twice just so I could get it into my head and have the knowledge stay there. He is very easy to follow and has a soothing and pleasant voice. He doesn't tell, he explains. Very good style of instruction. I found it was a good idea to write notes on setting up the database, then WordPress and plugins. Then I'd made good notes on how to move the site because this is the most important part of your work – getting it up, running and right.

Lifetime Access to Install WordPress Locally

This updated course has around 2 hours of on-demand video tutorials. The lectures are accessible on all internet-connected home-based and mobile devices. Extras include 6 valuable articles and 2 other downloadable resources. All students get a Completion Certificate at the end and receive lifetime access to the course and all materials.

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