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This tutorial is for site owners who want to learn how to use Elementor; a live front-end editor for WordPress. Elementor is an incredible page builder plugin to replace the WP Gutenberg blocks editor. It lets you visually create complex page layouts without switching in and out of preview mode. Users get unrestricted placement of ALL design elements and control over CSS aesthetics.

My course is for webmasters who need full influence over how their site displays and interacts with visitors. It teaches how to get the most out of this advanced front-end tool.

Elementor Course Requirements

There are only three requirements needed to succeed on the WordPress Elementor course:

  1. A computer with an internet connection
  2. Working knowledge of WordPress
  3. Free or premium Elementor plugin

Note: You only need to choose the Pro version if you plan to design your own theme(s). Neither version requires users to dabble with code or have any coding or developer skills.

Site owners who want to edit websites or blogs from the front-end benefit from this course. Whether it’s page creation or theme building, the Elementor open source plugin class covers all. It explains the differences between the free and Pro versions so learners can make informed decisions. Producing stunning websites has never been so easy for those who use this tool.

Elementor Course Format

The pace and format of this course take the frustration out of site development. There are 12 sections with 58 no-nonsense lectures. Students can access the tutorial at any time across multiple device types. That includes TVs as well as home computers and mobile devices.

Check out the free Elementor example videos for a sneak preview.

Feature-Packed Elementor

Elementor is a truly feature-rich product boasting 17 categories and multiple sub-categories. This course introduces all the essential, need-to-know tools, which include:

  • Simple drag-and-drop functionality
  • Designer templates
  • Powerful widgets
  • Responsive editing
  • Pop-up builder (Pro)
  • Theme builder (Pro)
  • WooCommerce builder (Pro)
  • Extensive library, e.g., templates, post, pages, blocks, shortcode, etc.

What Elementor plugin class teaches you

You’ll be a drag-and-drop Elementor click expert by the end of this course. It’s a fun page building program with lots of material presented in easy-to-follow bite-sized modules. All lectures are accessible at any time from internet-connected devices. They cover all you need to know with both the free and paid (Pro) options of this exciting page-editing plugin.

Elementor Theoretical knowledge:

  • Introduction to the Elementor plugin and features (free vs Pro versions)
  • Explanation of the course goals
  • A look at new website designs and changes to existing templates
  • Understanding the box model, hex colours, and legal image use
  • Introduction to the available Elementor toolset and backend settings
  • Introduction to all the Elementor interface settings
  • Introduction to the Elementor page structure

Elementor Practical knowledge:

  • How to use Elementor’s visual editor to create eye-catching web pages
  • How to use Elementor Pro to create unique website themes
  • How to create new and reuse old site templates
  • How to import and export site templates
  • How to use global widgets for buttons and other customisations
  • How to make sure your site looks fantastic on all device types
  • How to use Elementor’s motion effects
  • How to gain experience from using a demo site
  • Other content and modules

What Elementor Students Are Saying

This niche course currently has around 350 ratings and 1,950+ students (and growing). Here’s a handful of random reviews from some of the participants.

 Steve D says: Andrew makes sure you know the foundations of what you are doing which makes it super helpful and easier to remember the actual site build process. If you were to just teach the build process, then you could build exactly what you were shown – but with the added knowledge of the foundation of that build process, you can then build anything you can think of. Oh, & I’m just on Section 4 so I cannot wait to see what’s next.

 Kerry Thomas says: Excellent and well laid out course on the use of Elementor. The Instructor’s use of the option to custom design most all of the WordPress theme pages, etc. in his demo site was very informative.

 Theotones Gomes says: Just completed this course on Elementor, a page builder plugin designed for WordPress which simplifies the complicated front-end development at ease. The instructor Andrew Williams touched on most of the important topics in this course, and I highly recommend this course to anyone who which to learn and understand Elementor. Thank you.

 Andre Furneaux says: Excellent course which is really well delivered and covered everything I needed from Elementor. I took the wordpress for beginners course first followed by this course and I’m now completely competent in building websites.

 Gina Lambert says: This is the second class I’ve taken with Andy. I’m a newbie to building websites with no experience in Elementor. I’ve learned a lot in this class and I feel more confident now and ready to go. Andy is a great instructor and I’ve eager to start another class with him.

Lifetime Access to Material and Resources

The Elementor course has 9 hours of on-demand video tutorials. All you need to access the class is a computer or other device with an internet connection. There’s a comprehensive course article along with 8 other resources to download. All Elementor Page Builder students get a certificate of completion at the end and lifetime access to the course and its material.

Want to Learn WordPress?

WordPress is an amazing platform for building any type of website.   It’s used by large corporations and small mom & pop sites.

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