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Make Money Teaching on Udemy Course

You don’t need formal school qualifications to make money teaching on Udemy. My in-depth tutorials show students how to put together a plan they can sell to an unlimited class size. This program if for those who are passionate and knowledgeable about any in-demand topic. That could be anything from computers & technology, content creation, entrepreneurship, and so on.

Most legal subjects are open if there’s a demand to learn about them. Consider this approach to virtual teaching if you’d like to make money from what you know. A fulltime career, even?

Udemy Teacher Training Course Requirements

There are 5 basic requirements needed to succeed as a responsible Udemy teacher:

  1. A computer w/ internet connection
  2. Basic computer literacy skills
  3. Time to commit
  4. Willing to invest in a couple of software/hardware tools
  5. A genuine desire to teach online programs to others

You don’t need any formal education to enrol on this remote learning class. Moreover, students can create courses for Udemy at any level and in over 65 languages.

Essential tools of an online instructor

Course promotions and tutors must catch the interest of potential students on the first impression. Even an exciting topic will fail if the presentation falls short. For online teaching to shine, the video and audio must be professional. That’s why students must eventually invest in the Camtasia Studio suite and a decent mic. This is the instructor’s essential toolkit.

About My ‘Online Instructors’ Course

This course aims to equip its learners with the skills to teach a global class. That means people from any country anywhere in the world. Graduates of this course then get to work on Udemy. Some may even choose to apply for online instructor jobs with newfound expertise. It’s the A–Z of making money as a successful tutor, from course planning, creation, pricing, and promotion.

Online Instructor Course Format

The format of this instructor course is systematic in its approach. There are 8 sections in total. The first 5 are Introductions, Equipment, Planning, Lectures, and Video Presentation. The final three include Putting the Course Together, Course Promotion, and Udemy Updates. This class has 52 easy-to-follow lectures with no limits on access or repeat viewings.

Check out the two course preview videos for an overview of my online program.

What students will learn

Students on this course learn how to use Camtasia Studio to best effect. It starts with the free version to allow practice before commitment. Participants of this class become experts at recording high-quality video with pro-sounding audio. Presentational skills also include pan and zoom techniques, along with special effects to further engage learners.

Udemy teaching, theoretical knowledge:

  • Introduction to the instructor and course
  • Get to know Udemy
  • The Udemy quality checklist
  • Advice on free vs paid courses, which to use and when?
  • Recommended course creation tools
  • Types of lectures on Udemy
  • How scripts help presentations
  • Why include article type lectures
  • Why bonuses matter
  • Bonus resource lists for members

Udemy teaching, practical knowledge:

  • How to use Camtasia Studio to create professional course videos
  • How to sound professional with the right microphone choice
  • How to successfully brainstorm and plan a new course
  • How to create an impressive video tutorial
  • How to create quizzes for students to test their progress
  • How to capture and edit a test video
  • How to upload and arrange video lectures
  • How to target the right student demographics
  • How to price a new course
  • How to submit your new course to Udemy for review
  • How to fix a course rejected by Udemy
  • How to promote a new course
  • Much more besides

These lists show the main areas covered, but there are many subsections too.

What Students Say

This A–Z online teaching course has around 67 ratings and well over 1000 students. Most had no prior teaching experience. Here are a few random reviews from community members.

 David Clark says: It was a good introduction. Lecture and ongoing lectures are also excellent. The whole course taught me a lot of useful information including how to use Camtasia for best results.

 Kesava Rao KV says: Well designed course. It is useful even for those who do not teach on the Udemy platform. I learned a number of techniques which I was not aware earlier. An awesome job by the teacher.

 Robert Baird says: I just finished this course and it was excellent. There are some recent changes to Udemy’s policies regarding course pricing and coupon discounts, but Andrew points these out with updates. The tutorial for Camtasia was terrific and just enough to get the job done. Also, examples for promoting courses and resources available on Facebooks were nice adds. Highly recommend.

 Sharon Smith says: I found this course to be excellent. It was clear and very helpful. Andrew made it very easy to understand and it followed a very logical format. Thank you Andrew.

 Wendy Kier says: I wanted to find out if Udemy would be a good investment for my business. The training is spot on, clear and informative. A must for anyone who wants to bring an online course together.

Lifetime Access Make Money on Udemy

My Udemy teachers class has 3.5 hours of on-demand video tutorials. The lectures are formatted to display on all modern viewing devices. They include home computers, phones, tablets, laptops, and TVs. Members have access to 7 excellent articles and 3 other downloadable resources. All students are guaranteed a ‘Certificate of Completion’ and lifetime membership.

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WordPress is an amazing platform for building any type of website.   It’s used by large corporations and small mom & pop sites.

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