Schema Markup and Structured Data Course

Schema markup is computer code for websites. It helps search engines return results that are more informative for web searchers. This tutorial looks at ways to exploit structured data and Schema Markup. It’s for webmasters who want to increase their site’s visibility over the competition. Those who take this course are serious about achieving higher click through rates.

Google Structured Data Course Requirements

Anyone can join this course if they meet the 2 requirements below:

  1. Computer w/ internet connection
  2. A website or blog

About My Structured Data Course

The course objective is to introduce rich snippets to students. It explains how to create and add the code to site pages. The process makes all aspects of your search results more visually appealing and clickable. This tutorial gets into creating schema markup from scratch. It shows how to use Google Tag Manager and implement structured data with the help of a plugin.

Structured Data Course Format

The course format is easy to navigate and methodical in its approach. Students set the pace that suits them as they work through the 8 sections and 39 sub-sections or lectures.

There are 5 sample videos available for a sneak preview of the course.

What structured data class teaches

All students know what structured data is and how to implement it by the end of this class. They understand the full benefits and how to exploit a range of free tools to apply the code.

Structured Data Course Content, Theoretical knowledge:

  • Introduction to structured data
  • How Google processes and displays structured data
  • What structured data you should and should not use
  • Understand rich snippets and who benefits from them
  • Schema available for local business
  • Meet the best free tools
  • Learn the relationship between tags, triggers, and variables
  • An invaluable plugin
  • How Google’s Data Highlighting tool works

Structured Data Training, Practical Knowhow:

  • How to add breadcrumbs to a rich snippet
  • How to create structured data for an event
  • How to create and test markup using JSON-LD
  • How to make a Google Tag Manager account
  • How to add new schema to web pages with Tag Manager
  • How to create schema markup with a plugin
  • How to use the Google Search Console
  • How to create code with no programming skills
  • How to finely control structured data
  • How to create a broad range of structured data types

What Structured Data Course Students Say

This niche tutorial has more than 240 user ratings and 1,260+ students (and growing). There’s a lot of positive feedback from learners. Here’s a taste of what they’re saying.

 Andy James says: There is a lot of information to apply structured data to your site, but Andy breaks things down, and walks you through every phase, step by step. 5 stars.

 Nikhil Kumar says: Andrew is an amazing teacher/mentor/guide. I have briefly head of Schema, Jason-LD etc during my work on SEO and Website Management and wanted to get into it more to help improve our organic rankings and visibility on Google. This course is spot on. Its gets the basics right and Andrew shows a lot of examples and tools we can use as well as set by step process. Especially, i was pleasantly surprised to see even the Google Tag Manager implementation for Jason-LD is here. Hardly can find a proper through guide anywhere. I have taken other SEO courses but requested refund for all except this. Will gladly take any course that i want to learn from Andrew. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Thank You Andrew from India!.

Avishai Niazov: It is quite difficult to find good guidance on the internet, a guide which will be understandable to a newbie like me. I’d say this course helped me to understand the core ideas as well as helped me to implement it properly on my own website. Thank you, Andrew W.

 Heather says: Excellent course! a great starting point for anyone “non coders” wanting to know, learn and implement Schema / JSON ld, without complicated coding. The content is very detailed and presented in a very clear concise articulate manner, which was very easy to follow. Presented by a great knowledgeable instructor, I would strongly recommend! Thank You!

 Chris Labbate says: Great course for not only learning, but implementing schema in a variety of different formats and how Google prefers. Many tools, resources, and instruction are given to ensure you can code your own structured data markup for your websites.

Lifetime Access to Structured Data Course

It may be a niche course, but don’t let that put you off. Site owners who understand and use rich snippets tend to fare much better than those who don’t, and that’s the point. This Structured Data class has 3.5 hours of on-demand video. Students also get 4 downloadable resources, full lifetime access to the course, and a Certificate of Completion.

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WordPress is an amazing platform for building any type of website.   It’s used by large corporations and small mom & pop sites.

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