WordPress Backup Restore Course

Most website owners know the importance of backing up, yet so many skip it. This tutorial shows how to perform routine WordPress backups on autopilot. It also walks students through the restore process from recently saved files. Thus, it’s a valuable course for anyone who owns—or is about to run—a WordPress site or blog.

Backup & Restore Course Requirements

There is only one prerequisite needed to achieve this Backup & Restore class.

  • A WordPress website that you want to backup and restore when needed.

About My WordPress Backup & Restore Course

Few relish the thought of performing regular backups or restoring a corrupted or hacked site. This course shows learners how to schedule automated backups by day, week, month, date, or time. You learn which critical backup files to save, and which to ignore. Webmasters who complete this course can relax knowing their site is forever protected.

Backup & Restore Course format

The course has six sections split into 18 easy-to-digest lectures. Students can work through the modules piecemeal if they prefer. Hardcore learners may opt to complete the entire tutorial in the time it takes to watch a movie. Either approach is fine and has the same outcome. This class covers everything a WordPress site owner needs to know about backup and restore.     

Check out my 3 sample videos for a preview of this course.

What my WP backup & restore class teaches

Students who complete this course are sure to view the importance of backup and restore in a whole new way. It shows the easiest methods possible to save all system files. The program takes the monotony out of what are crucial maintenance procedures. Moreover, knowing how to backup and restore properly removes that gnawing fear of losing a website.

WordPress Backup, Theoretical Content:

  • Course and tutor introduction; what you will learn
  • Understand the critical parts of WordPress to back up
  • What tools and features you need to perform backups
  • Know your back up options from WP Dashboard
  • Types of automated backups
  • Regular backup strategies explained in plain English

WordPress Backup, Practical knowledge:

  • How to set up an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program to connect to your web hosting
  • How to manually back up using an FTP client or File Manager (cPanel)
  • How to manually restore site files; step by step guide
  • How to manually back up your WordPress database
  • How to manually restore your WordPress database (dB) using phpMyAdmin
  • How to install and use a free plugin to automate backups
  • How to schedule automated backups daily, weekly, or monthly
  • How to get backups automatically emailed or sent to cloud storage like Dropbox

What Backup & Restore Students Say

The 1,290+ students of this course have given 129 ratings and 4.9 out of 5 stars (at the last check). Here are a few random testimonials for the WordPress Backup and Restore course.

 Peter Kent says: I've taken WordPress courses from other Authors, although they were good I have to say Andy Williams courses are by far the best. His teaching style, content and voice just totally work for me.

 Indrani Das says: Love the detailed step-by-step instructions. Makes backup and restore very easy. Also thank you for the strategy of keeping older backups from over a month. Hadn't thought of that.

 Gina Branch says: You are gifted with a talent that helps the beginning user understand the content of your lectures! Thank you very much.

 Steve says: The course title says it all. Background information is provided on the manual approach to backing up and also to restoring your WordPress site. Of course, like most site owners I was most interested in setting up this process through the use of plugins in order to automate this as much as possible. Andy provides clear and concise step by step instructions, and his background as a science educator is evident–in a good way 🙂

 Karen Gibson says: Finally an instructor who could “talk” to a beginner like myself! Provided step-by-step details in an informative and useful way. really enjoyed this course.

Lifetime Access to WP Backup & Restore

WordPress Backup & Restore is a short course but leaves nothing out. It covers all aspects of backing up and full site restoration in the 1.5 hours of on-demand video. The downloadable extras include 4 educational articles and a Certificate of Completion. You can take the course with you and view it on most mobile phones and other devices, or home computers and TVs.

Want to Learn WordPress?

WordPress is an amazing platform for building any type of website.   It’s used by large corporations and small mom & pop sites.

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