WordPress Intermediate Skills Course

This WordPress intermediate course is for those with a good basic knowledge of the platform. The series of tutorials takes site development and maintenance up to the next level. WordPress has many advantages beyond the basics. These are all things that benefit webmasters, visitors, and search engines. It’s the must-have skill set for webmasters who demand better everything.

WordPress Intermediate Course Requirements

The only 2 requirements students need to succeed in this online intermediate course are:

  1. A computer w/ internet connection
  2. Some experience building sites with WordPress (not for the raw beginner)

Continue reading if you are ready to step outside your WordPress comfort zone.

About My Intermediate WordPress Course

Students learn about the WP files installed on the server and how to exploit them. The class gets into child themes, template hierarchy, site speed & optimization, and advanced design. It’s a self-paced virtual course that looks closely at how the back-end affects the front. Learners get to realize the full potential of WordPress, far surpassing past those with basic knowledge.

WP Intermediate Course Format

Bite-sized, well-presented modules are at the heart of the course layout. There are 18 sections and multiple sub-sections for each category. They include 86 lectures spread across 8 hours, 42 minutes of video presentation. Students can access it all via mobile devices, computers, and TVs.

Check out the 3 WordPress Intermediate videos for a course preview.

What the WordPress intermediate class teaches

People who complete this course come away with a more comprehensive toolset than at the start. Newfound skills help users to build better websites that engage visitors and please search engines. It’s the ideal program for expanding technical skills and becoming a better webmaster. It’s also a valuable resource for those training to become professional site builders.

WordPress Intermediate Theoretical knowledge:

  • Course content and instructor introductions
  • What are intermediate skills and how they help site builders
  • An introduction to child and parent themes
  • Short guide on redirects
  • GDPR compliance and why it matters
  • Get to know your WordPress files
  • The benefits of autoresponders
  • An overview of SSL certificates
  • An understanding of time-on-site and click-through-rate (CTR)

WordPress Intermediate Practical knowledge:

  • How to set up and use FTP
  • How to create child themes
  • How to create custom templates
  • How to create different types of websites and blogs from Dashboard
  • How to add page redirects to the .htaccess file
  • How to set up a 100% free SSL certificate
  • How to speed up your website
  • How to create a WP staging platform
  • How to convert a site to HTTPS
  • How to make your site responsive, i.e., mobile-friendly
  • How to install and set up essential plugins
  • How to design an interactive website without plugins
  • How to improve domain security with Cloudflare
  • How to design and optimize a WordPress website
  • How to create and edit image galleries
  • How to create and modify user access levels and roles
  • How to install and exploit autoresponders
  • Much more besides

The lists above show some of the critical areas covered on this WP intermediate course.

What WordPress Intermediate Students Say

This WordPress Intermediate course has 200+ ratings and more than 2,150 students (and growing). Here’s what some of the learners have to say about it.


 Rolf Backström says: This is a very thorough course on WP. You will gain a lot insights. I have been through some lessons several times since their subject was new tome. Andy explains everything in an orderly and clear fashion. The technical quality is also very good. Andy calls this intermediate skills. If he ever creates a WP advanced course I am not sure I dare to take it! I recommend this course without hesitation.

 Heather says: Excellent course, more than just the basics of everything I wanted to know about WordPress. Outstanding presentation, I would strongly recommend!

 Judah Lynn says: Excellent teacher and very helpful course. There are so many beginner WordPress tutorials around, it is nice to have this intermediate level course. In many good ways it even feels advanced. The information is no-nonsense, useful, and to-the-point.

 Susanne Tamir says: This is one of the best courses i did on Udemy, explained extremely good simple to understand even for beginners and its for WordPress Knowers as well i learned a lot of additional things i did not know about tools i know well and it pushed up my understanding of wordpress a lot. Highly recommanded!

 Brian Kidd says: This course was excellent. I have read several of Dr Andy's books but the advantage of this course you can see what is happening. He speaks in plain English and at a speed that is easy to understand. Excellent!

Lifetime Access to WordPress Intermediate

This WordPress Intermediate course has 8.5 hrs. of on-demand video tutorials. Students can view the 86 lectures from TVs, computers, smartphones and other devices. Learners also have access to 7 downloadable resources. The self-paced virtual class includes lifetime access to future updates and a certificate of completion.

Want to Learn WordPress?

WordPress is an amazing platform for building any type of website.   It’s used by large corporations and small mom & pop sites.

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