WordPress SEO Course

Search Engine Optimisation and understanding site analytics is not an option for serious webmasters. My WordPress SEO course simplifies what many find a complicated topic. It’s for anyone who needs their WordPress website to rank better in Google’s organic search results. This tutorial is a thorough guide for running quality websites optimised with white hat SEO.

WordPress SEO Course Requirements

There are only 2 course requirements for taking the WordPress SEO course:

  1. A computer w/ a reliable internet connection
  2. Basic understanding of how to use WordPress

About My ‘WordPress SEO’ Course

I created this course for those who want to build long-lasting, high-ranking WordPress websites. The purpose of this class is to make the SEO process much easier to grasp. It shows all the safe practices, and those to avoid at all costs. Students learn to use a range of free tools to assist with successful on and off-page optimisation.

WordPress SEO Course Format

SEO doesn’t have to be complicated or boring. Optimising a WordPress project adds to the satisfaction of site-building and management. The enjoyable format of this course breaks it all down into 13 specific sections. There are 53 simple-to-follow lectures recorded in over 4 hours of video. The 5 free sample vids give a sneak preview of the course material and presentation.

What my WordPress SEO class teaches

Students who complete this course become experts at solid SEO practices for WordPress. It teaches what works, why it works, and how best to implement a thing. Members also learn how to keep their websites optimised for the search engines. Moreover, the class shows learners how to protect their precious site or blog from harmful SEO and bad actors.

WordPress SEO, theoretical lectures:

  • Course features and tutor introduction
  • Issues caused by duplicate content
  • Overview of the powerful Google Search Console
  • The role of the robots.txt file in 2020 and beyond
  • What to look for in a new web hosting account
  • How effective site navigation helps SEO and visitors
  • The best use of sidebars in WordPress
  • What you need to know about Uniform Resource Locators or URLs
  • The importance of an updated software system
  • Best practices for linking out, known as external linking
  • Why optimise web content?
  • How to work with—and choose between—pages and posts
  • Tips for choosing the best plugins for SEO
  • Why you should delete what you don’t need
  • WWW or not, which is best?
  • The ultimate SEO check lists
  • Bonus resource file to help students

WordPress SEO, practical knowledge:

  • How to utilize the Google Search console
  • How to use XML site maps
  • How to speed test your site using GTMetrix
  • How to exploit Content Delivery Networks (CDN)
  • How to install and use the W3 Total Cache plugin
  • How to implement SEO-friendly site navigation
  • How to create custom sidebars in WordPress
  • How to set up the Dynamic Widgets plugin
  • How to manually edit the file names of a post or page
  • How to avoid comments spam
  • How to keep WordPress and plugins up to date
  • How to link out to best effect
  • How to use the nofollow tag
  • How to avoid duplicate content issues
  • How to improve web content with effective optimisation
  • How to use the YOAST SEO plugin
  • Much more besides

The lists above give you a clear insight into the course content, with lots more besides. The plethora of practical tips and helpful suggestions help to improve sites and increase traffic.

What WordPress SEO Course Students Say

WordPress SEO is a popular course for webmasters who want to take better control of their sites. It saves site owners money by not hiring SEO experts to do what they can now do themselves. This class currently has 170 favourable ratings and more than 1,400 students (and growing). Here’s what some have said about the course in the member’s reviews section.

 John Finnigan says: Dr. Williams is one of most authoritative and reliable sources of information on WordPress and SEO (search engine optimiszation) on the Internet.

 Dave Lalor says: Excellent – As I watched the course I implemented things and saw quick results!

 Steve A Madigan says: I think that I have just about every course that Dr. Williams has put out and have always learned so much. His teaching style is great and the knowledge he shares and how he shares it (with examples) is just fantastic. I recommend Dr. Williams courses to anyone, beginner to advanced, you will learn something no matter who you are. I have been following Dr. Andy Williams since around 2006 and he is ahead of any of the so called “Guru’s” out there. I remember when he was talking about themeing a page, long before it was accepted as truth. He is a must follow, get his courses and listen to his teachings, you won’t go wrong. Also the products he creates are awesome also. Great job again Dr. Andy Williams, another job well done.

 Andy James says: By far the best WordPress SEO course I have come across. Concise, comprehensive and very easy to follow and understand. Thank you.

 Larry Rossi says: Great content – now I have a much better understanding of the relevance and importance of SEO.

Lifetime Access to WordPress SEO

Those who enrol on this WordPress SEO course have access to 4 hours of video tutorials. Members can take the class with them and view all lectures on internet-connected mobile devices. There are also two helpful SEO articles included and other downloadable resources. All students get a certificate after completion and are guaranteed lifetime access.

Want to Learn WordPress?

WordPress is an amazing platform for building any type of website.   It’s used by large corporations and small mom & pop sites.

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