Internal Link Analysis Tool

The Internal Link Analysis Tool does what it says on the label – analyzes the internal linking structure of your website.  This tool will help you find and fix problems, improve visitor experience, help  search engine better spider your site, and maybe increase rankings as a result.  I actually did a ranking experiment on one of my own websites using the power of internal linking.  The article is called Internal linking & SEO.

I actually used the first version of the Internal Link Analysis Tool to help me collect data, and the C.I. Backlinks plugin to control my internal linking.

Rather than describe all of the benefits of the Internal Link Analysis tool, I’ve recorded some videos.  The first one shows an overview of the tool, and then the others explain how to use the various reports, and why that information in those reports is so valuable.

Internal Link Analysis Tool Overview


Resources: The sitemap plugin mentioned in the video is XML Sitemap by Jason Martens.  However, I am now using a different one that seems better.  Check this one out instead.

If your site is under 500 pages, you can also get an XML sitemap built online here.  After that tool finishes building your sitemap, it will give you a URL that you can paste into the New Sitemap box in ILA.

Reports 1 – Pages Linking to Themselves

This video shows how I used Internal Link Analysis Tool to find problems with internal linking on my site, and fix them.


Reports 2 – 4


Reports 5 – 8

The software has been modified since the video above was recorded.  I’ve merged a couple of reports meaning we now have 2 less reports, but all the same functionality.

Reports 9 – 13



Reports 14 – 16

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