Web Hosting & Registrar Tutorials

Web Hosting & Registrar Tutorials

For Readers of WordPress for Beginners 2021

This page has links to tutorials to help you get your hosting sorted out and WordPress installed.

There are three tutorials, and you need to choose the one that closely matches your situation.

Situation 1 - You need to get hosting and want a separate registrar (RECOMMENDED)

Follow this link for step-by-step instructions for installing WordPress on a domain with SEPARATE Registrar and Host :


Situation 2 - You need to get hosting and want to use your host as the registar

Step-by-step instructions for installing WordPress on a domain using the Host as Registrar (EASIER OPTION):


Situation 2 - You already have hosting and just need to install WordPress.

If you have a cPanel host, this video will show you how to install WordPress on the host:



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