Is Google Chrome Showing Your Site is Not Secure?

Google is at it again.

When Google Chrome updates again, the new version will name and shame insecure HTTP websites.   That's all sites that use the insecure HTTP protocol.

Will this affect your website?

Well go and check.  If the URL of your site begins with HTTP you will be affected.  If your site URL begins with HTTPS, relax, you are fine.

Unless you have been living under a rock, I am sure you know that Google is trying to wipe out HTTP websites in favour of the secure HTTPS protocol.

And it began earlier this year when in January 2018, Google Chrome started marking all insecure HTTP web pages that contained entry fields e.g. usernames or passwords as NOT SECURE, like this:

not secure message

But that was just the beginning.

This month (or early next month) Google is planning on outing ALL web pages that still use the insecure HTTP protocol.  Even if there are no data entry boxes, you could end up losing the trust of your visitors as Google brands you site Not Secure.

You may have even seen the headlines:

“Google Chrome to Mark all non-HTTPS Websites “Not Secure” In July”

“Starting July 2018, Chrome Will Warn Users Upon Visiting Non-HTTPS Sites”

“Google has taken the ultimate step, and it’s going to mark ALL HTTP sites as “Not Secure.”

This change is set to launch when version 68 of Google Chrome is released.  I just checked my own Chrome browser and see that it is version 67…

chrome version the update is likely to be this month.  How well will your site convert when that happens?  How much trust will your visitors have in you and your recommendations / reviews & articles?

So what is involved in converting your site to HTTPS?

To be honest, it has always been quite technical and expensive.  Until now.  In the past, the two main stumbling blocks have been:

1. The cost of a security certificate.
2. The technical knowledge required to make the switch.

But what if I told you that you could transition to HTTPS using a free certificate and simple step-by-step instructions?

My course “HTTP to HTTPS – Secure your Website with SSL for Free” shows you how.  You get to watch over my shoulder as I go through the entire process on my own websites.  If you ever did get stuck, or have questions, you know I will be there in the Q&A on Udemy helping you sort things out.

Probably the best news is that I have created some coupons for my newsletter readers, which you can get here.  Scroll down to the course called “HTTP to HTTPS – Convert your WordPress Site – Complete Guide“.

If you are undecided yet, let me tell you my top 4 reasons switching is a good idea.

  1. SEO. Google have stated that secure sites will get a ranking boost in the search results.  It may not be a huge boost, but given two otherwise comparable pages ranking for keyword phrase, the one with HTTPS would win.
  2. To secure data between your visitors and your server.  This is particularly important if you are handling customer credit cards, usernames and passwords, but it is also true for just about any site.  Visitors want to know they are on a secure site.
  3. To get the Padlock & Secure message in web browsers, because visitors do notice it.
  4. Securing your site and using a CDN as taught in this course, will speed up page load times significantly and reduce server downtime, in my case to zero.

The course does NOT use plugins to achieve HTTPS, as they can end up breaking your site if not updated.  The conversion is done in the best, safest way possible.

The course was created to be hands on, so I show you every step of the process using one of my own sites as an example.  You can follow along as we go if you like.  At the end of the course I have included a second conversion, from start to finish in a single video.  This video has a text file you can download with all the steps, making this video and resource the ideal companion for you as you convert your own website.

The course currently has 136 reviews with an average rating of 4.65 out of 5.  Here are a few of the reviews:

“I have taken almost every course Andy offers and I have to say they are all excellent. He gives accurate and concise information. What I really appreciate about him as an instructor is his willingness to help if you have an issue and also his ability to pace the course in such a way that you do not get bored or overwhelmed.”

“Excellent course! The course provided exactly information I needed.”

“Five stars .. an easy to follow free upgrade to https. This course has saved me $$$ between all my websites, which are now showing that all important ‘padlock' in browsers. Thank you Dr. Andy Williams.”

“I would never have figured this out on my own. Andy does a spectacular job explaining this.”

“Excellent course for a free SSL setup for a wordPress website. Very clear and easy to follow and well structured course!! Best One!!”

“Great detail, easy to follow, helped me to make my main website secure. Now off to do the other ones. Highly recommended course.”

“Excellent intro, easy to understand and quick. Easy to follow instructions will have your site secure in 20 minutes. And using Cloudflare speeds the response time for users. Another excellent course, Thanks Andy.”

Check on my reader coupon page for the latest deal on this and other courses.

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WordPress is an amazing platform for building any type of website.   It’s used by large corporations and small mom & pop sites.

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