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WordPress for Beginners 2021 Updates

This page is to bring readers of my WordPress books updates during the year.

Free Gift for WordPress for Beginners readers:

Free Gutenberg Course

I have created a short mini-course on using Gutenberg, the new WordPress page builder.  The course will help you understand how the editor works, and how to fix simple issues like wrapping text around images.

Free Blogging Course

A complete course for beginners who want to create a blog.  This course includes my own techniques for always having new exciting stuff to talk about, so you never get writer's block.


The widget section of WordPress is now using Gutenberg, so is different from what you see in the book.  This will be updated in the next version of the book.  If you are taking my WordPress course on Udemy, the course has already been updated.

To help you out now, I found this video that explains the new system.


 Page 43 headed WordPress Settings has a stray half line of text under the page heading.  “This allows people to engage in discussions”.  This line should not be there.

Thank you John for pointing this out.

Create your own WordPress Theme

It's built in to WordPress using Gutenberg, and my new course shows you how.