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Essential Webmaster Skills Course

My Essential Webmasters Skills course is an easy program for site owners who struggle. It’s also an excellent resource for anyone who wants to create their first web project. The tutorials walk students through all the basics needed to manage and maintain a website, blog, or e-store. It also teaches new skills that make running an online business more enjoyable and much easier.

Essential Webmaster Member Requirements

There are only 3 must-haves needed to pass this comprehensive webmaster skills Course:

  1. A computer w/ internet connection
  2. A live WordPress website (or ready to build one)
  3. Web hosting account with cPanel

About this ‘How to Run a Website’ Class

It’s not difficult to run a WordPress website once you know your way around. A lot of this stuff can seem confusing, but everything becomes clear as students work through the modules. I teach the benefits of using a separate web host and registrar and how to manage both accounts. There are also lectures dedicated to cPanel, site monitoring, and how to track visitors.

Members learn how to install WordPress with a single click. Also, how to use email accounts (domain and free) to best effect, a look at content delivery networks (CDN), and more. Course participants become adept site administrators in very little time.

Is Essential Webmaster Skills Right for You?

This course is right for anyone ready to start taking more control of websites, blogs or stores. It aims to help people become comfortable with all aspects of site management.

It offers tools, steps, and options on how to become a successful webmaster. Skills like these save money by reducing hired help costs. It does not teach web content, though. See WordPress for Beginners for web design, page/post creation, and help planning a new project.

Friendly Course Format

Webmaster Essentials is divided into 10 easy-to-follow sections and 43 lectures. It all starts with an introduction before getting into the enjoyable, bite-sized modules. And there’s also a bonus section at the end that includes links to some useful resources for members. Students on this course can choose to work through the program at a pace that fits in with their schedule.

Check out my 3 introductory video tutorials for a free preview.

What Essential Webmaster Skills teaches

Students know much more by the end of this course than when they began. Recognising what to do—and how to do it—is vital for running a successful website. The class guarantees to instil confidence in members whatever type of project or system they manage.

Webmaster skills, theoretical knowledge:

  • Glossary of must-know terms
  • What everyone should know about web hosts and registrars
  • Tour of the WordPress Dashboard
  • Understanding cPanel
  • Introduction to Cloudflare and why it’s important
  • A look inside the Google Search Console
  • What is—and why you need—Google Analytics

Webmaster skills, practical knowledge:

  • How to install WordPress
  • How to register and manage domain names
  • How to connect your domain registrar to your web host
  • How to set up unique email address accounts in cPanel
  • How to use cPanel’s File Manager
  • How to use File Transfer Protocol (commonly known as FTP)
  • How to access the data in your databases
  • How to turn on and view cPanel analytics
  • How to secure your site with an SSL certificate
  • How to setup Cloudflare for your website
  • How to use the Google Search Console
  • How to add and track your site using Google Analytics
  • Much more besides

The lists above are only a taste of the material covered on Essential Webmaster Skills.

What Essential Webmaster Course Students Say

My Webmaster Essentials course has 85 ratings and 750+ students (and growing). Below are a few written reviews left by some of the members of this class.

 Guillermo Blanco says: I’ve been following several courses by Mr. Andrew Williams and I’ve found all of them very good. I had some notions about WP but there’s a course for each thing within the menu. I’m learning a lot of useful things and I am very happy because of this. Although English is not my native language I can understand very well the content of the courses. I found all the stuff about domains and web hostings very useful as well. I’m very grateful for all of these courses. All is very clear and to the point.

 Lester Wright: Very thorough coverage of the fundamentals of webmastering. Especially useful was the lessons on using the cPanel, setting up & using FTP with a 3rd party client.

 Marie Patten says: It’s exactly the kind of training I’ve been needing. Thank you for offering this course. Excellent instructor.

 Sherrie Smith says: Very easy to follow and understand. Looking forward to the rest.

 Terry Fennell says: All of Andy’s courses are well structured, detailed and easy to follow. He must have been a brilliant teacher, lucky students.

Lifetime Access to Essential Webmaster Skills

Course members get around 4 hours of quality video tutorials. The audio-visual content is accessible on all modern devices. That includes smart TVs, computers, tablets, and smartphones, etc. New learners can instantly download 4 articles and a bonus resource. And every student gets an Essential Webmaster Skills certificate at the end, plus access for life.

Want to Learn WordPress?

WordPress is an amazing platform for building any type of website.   It’s used by large corporations and small mom & pop sites.

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