How to Add a Click-to-Call Button in WordPress

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This guide is for site owners who want to know how to add a simple click-to-call button in WordPress. Instant communication is vital when competing for online business. Contact forms, online chat, support tickets, etc., all have their place. However, there are instances where people prefer person-to-person voice interaction. That’s especially the case with urgent matters.

Voice calls are human rather than humanoid and still valid in modern times. It’s easier to win over customers—or potential clients—with a real talking person at the other end.

How Click to Call Works Online

Click-to-call (also click-to-talk) is a simple concept. The user simply “clicks” the call icon, button, or text link once to connect with another person in real-time. The way to offer this service is to place the clickable phone button option somewhere on the page where it’s clearly visible. Business type websites that offer this feature are far ahead of the competition.

Real benefits of click-to-call

There are no numbers to dial or loops to jump through, and site visitors appreciate that. No one needs to navigate to contact pages, fill out boring forms, or answer probing questions. Call buttons don’t replace other contact options; they’re an addition to them. Not everyone wants to talk, especially for general enquiries and other non-urgent matters.

2 Ways to Add a WP Click-to-Talk Button

So many people access the internet via smartphones today. Click-to-talk is a welcome option on any internet-connected device, but especially among mobile users. There are two ways to add a call button in WordPress, i.e., a plugin or manually. Either approach is straightforward.

Adding a Click-to-Call Button with a Plugin

The plugin we’re using for this is the WP Call Button by Syed Balkhi. Anyone who can use a mouse can add this button to their WP website, blog, or forum. The plugin has an instinctive interface that lets you customise the button to match your theme. Moreover, it’s responsive, meaning the button auto-adjusts to look great on any device of any size.

Here are the WP Call Button’s best features:

  • Super easy to add; no HTML or coding skills needed
  • Lots of customisation options, e.g., colour, text, and button styles
  • Floating button option that scrolls with users
  • Static call button generator
  • Show only to mobile user option
  • Click tracking via Google Analytics

Download and activate the call button plugin from the WP Dashboard.

Please read How to Install WordPress Plugins for guidance if you’re new to WordPress and plugins.

Configure WP Call Button Settings

Go to Settings => WP Call Button from the Dashboard side menu.

There are two ways to display the call button, Sticky, or Static. The sticky button stays visible as the user scrolls up and down the page. The static one remains in a fixed position. Choose which option you want. It only takes a second to switch if you change your mind.

The next thing to do is enter your chosen phone number; otherwise the button won’t be visible.

Next, add the text you want to show on the button or leave the default ‘Call Us’.

Decide where you want to position the sticky call button on your webpages.

There are a few other optional settings that you might want to consider. They include:

  • Activate the Call Now button status
  • Use a number from a small business phone service provider
  • Change the call button colour (the default is green)
  • Restrict the call button visibility to specified WordPress posts or pages
  • Only display the call button on mobile devices

Click Save Changes at the bottom of the screen when you’re happy with the settings.

Static WP Call Button

Click the Static Call Button tab to open its confirmation screen. The options are change colour, add custom button text, and remove the phone icon if you want to. You can copy the shortcode (short bits of code) from this screen and paste it into your WP posts and pages.

There are 2 other ways to embed the static call button into WordPress.

#1 Add a Call Button from Gutenberg block editor

You can add the WP Call Button to posts and pages from the Gutenberg Block Editor. This section assumes you’ve already configured the plugin in the WP Call Button settings screen.

The first step is to open an existing WP post or page or create a new one, then:

  1. Decide where you want the call button and click the Add Block (+) icon
  2. Type WP Call Button into the search for block box
  3. Click the WP Call Button block to add it to the post or page

The previously configured button now shows in your WP post or page. You can customise it further from the block Colum (right side) if you want to (see image).

It’s time to see how the click-to-call button looks and functions.

  1. Click the Preview link
  2. Choose your preferred device to view the post or page

When the call button doesn’t show in live view

Check the following if the call button doesn’t show in live view or doesn’t work. Did you remember to add a phone number, or forget to save the changes in the set-up screen? Another possible cause is that you’re viewing the page on a computer but chose to only show the call button on mobile devices. You can easily check these issues in the set-up screen.

#2 Add the WP Call Button using a widget

WordPress widgets let you add just about anything to sidebars, headers, and footers. Your WP Call Button creates its own widget once you activate the plugin.

Go to Appearance => Widgets from the WP Dashboard side menu.

Locate the WP Call Button widget and drag it to your preferred sidebar. You can move the button to whatever position you want within the sidebar.

Click the down arrow to open the WP Call Button settings. Make any changes as necessary, Save the new settings, and view the call button on the live site.

See the previous section for probable causes if the button isn’t visible or doesn’t work.

Congratulations, visitors to your website can now call you directly with a single click.

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