Install WordPress on your Own Computer Using DesktopServer by ServerPress

There are free and paid versions of DesktopServer. If you develop a site on your own computer and want to move it to a server, you will need the paid version.  If you just want to install WordPress on your computer so you can learn WordPress, the free version is fine.

DesktopServer is available for both PC and Mac.  This tutorial will show you how to install WordPress using the PC version.

Installing DesktopServer

Step 1. Download DesktopServer.  It will be downloaded as a zip file which needs to be unzipped.

Step 2. Unzip into a temporary folder.

I use WinRar on my own computer.  There is a free trial version if you need a tool for handling zip files.

Step 3. Run the file Install DSL vXXX.exe

Just go through the install process, following the installer’s instructions.  Be patient.  The install on my computer took quite a long time and that is on a fast computer.

Installing WordPress

Run Desktop Server.

The opening screen asks about some developer plugins that can be enabled. 

Don’t change anything, just click on the Next button.

If your computer asks for permission to run something, accept it.

DesktopServer will have enabled web and database services:

So, click on Next.

On the next screen, you have a choice:

At this stage, we want to start a new development website, so select that option and click on Next.

You’ll be shown this page:

You can choose the site name at the top.  This really isn’t important, so don’t spend too much time thinking about this.  Just change the www.example to something you can associate with your site.  E.g. www.testsite.

The site will automatically be given the extension as this is a development site on your own computer and that TLD is reserved for this type of site.

You can also choose the location where your site will be installed.  Even if you don’t change this, it is worth remembering this location in case you need access to the file inside at some point.

Click the Create button when ready.

Desktop Server will now install WordPress on your computer.  Once complete, you’ll get this screen:

Click Next to continue and you’ll be given your local site URL:

Since DesktopServer already started web and database services, you can click that link to be taken to the WordPress installation screen:

Choose your language and click Continue.

You’ll be asked to enter a few site details:

Make sure you record the password you are using as you won’t be able to reset it later if you forget.

Then click Install WordPress when done.

WordPress will complete its installation and then show the success screen:

You can click the Log In button to be taken to your dashboard login.  You should bookmark that URL.

When you click the URL link to install WordPress, the DesktopServer installation program was still running.  If you still see this screen on your computer, click the Next button:

That will open this screen which you will see whenever you start DesktopServer:

Ideally, when you finish working on your site for the day, you should close everything down properly. 

Select the Stop or restart the web and database services option and click Next.

Select the “Stop” option and click Next.

The web and database services will be stopped and you can close DesktopServer.

Starting your Local Site

When you start your computer and want to work on your local site, this is the process.

Step 1. Open DesktopServer.

Click Next and DesktopServer will start web and database services (which are required when you are working on your local site).  Once that is done, click Next:

Now click the Sites button bottom left:

A list of all your sites will be opened in a web browser:

Click the Dashboard button next to the site you want to log in to and you’ll be taken to its log in page.

Again, when you have finished working on your site, stop the web and database services before closing DesktopServer.

Want to Learn WordPress?

WordPress is an amazing platform for building any type of website.   It’s used by large corporations and small mom & pop sites.

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