Finding LSI Theme Words & Phrases Helps You Write Better Product Reviews

If you are an internet marketer or freelance writer, chances are you will have written some product reviews for your own website.

Product reviews are always better when you have an intimate understanding of the product you are writing about, but as marketers, that isn't always the case.  Sometimes you are writing about something you really don't know very well, or even at all.  In this case, my solution is to find the important theme words and phrases that the top 10 ranking pages are using when writing about the product in question.

The theme phrases in particular will help you create a skeleton article that you can just expand upon.

To help illustrate this, I've recorded a video showing my own process for planning out product reviews (or any piece of content for that matter).  In the video, I'll take a random product and map out a rough article plan using important theme phrases.  You can take this same approach to any piece of content you want to write.  Find the important theme words and phrases, and use those to build your own article.

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